Alphabet Jigsaws


Alphabet Jigsaws Map Of Ireland

This jigsaw is made up of 32 pieces, each one representing a different county in the island of Ireland. Each piece is 10mm in thickness and is hand-cut and hand-painted, making every puzzle truly unique. Each puzzle is crafted using high quality durable materials that guarantee longer life, meaning each jigsaw will not only provide entertainment for your children, but also your children's children. The jigsaws are suitable for ages 5 upwards and are attractively presented, complete with a cotton storage bag. A high quality, handmade, beautifully crafted jigsaw which will make a very special gift.

•Wood is sourced from sustainably grown forests.

•All jigsaws meet all the required European safety standards and bear the CE mark.

Handcrafted in Westport, Co. Mayo.

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