Crayon Rocks


Crayon Rocks 8 crayons in a cotton muslin bag

In this little bag you find 8 Crayon Rocks in 8 primary colors: red, green, blue, egg yolk yellow, black, brown, orange, purple in an ecru cotton bag.

The story about the origin of Crayon Rocks Barbara Lee has worked for 23 years with children with special needs. She was inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program from whom she has learned how important it is to develop a pencil grip at a young age. Future writing skills depends on it. She wanted a tool that could be used by students to develop the fine motor skills and could enjoy. A little boy with a lot of problems with his motor skills inspired her. She discovered that he liked the shape of a crayon as big as Crayon Rocks are designed now.

Crayon Rocks are non–toxic. They are, however, small enough (1.5 inch x .75 inch x .75 inch) to be a potential choking hazard to very young children. Made from a renewable resource, soy oil, they are an environmentally better choice over traditional petroleum wax crayons.

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