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Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 35

The Geomag Supercolor Panels line meets the needs for creativity and for doing everything possible to guarantee that our children grow up in a healthy way, in a healthy environment. This eco-friendly line is made from 100% recycled plastic, non-toxic and not harmful, that maintains the excellent quality standard that makes Geomag products stand out. Geomag Classic Panels is the building platform of magnetic rods, steel spheres and a series of panels that will allow you to create even more constructions. The toys are designed both for fun and to stimulate imagination and curiosity. They can be a hobby for the entire family, making it possible to express the creative potential of both young and old. You and your kids can build many shapes, geometric figures, and models of all types. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical thinking. Your imagination will allow you to create a true masterpiece. The box contains 12 steel spheres, 12 light green, orange, red and light blue magnetic rods, 2 yellow and light green triangular base panels, 2 red square base panels and 1 orange pentagonal base panel.

Ages 5-99

35 pieces

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