Micro Scooters



  • The best first kids stunt scooter for performing occasional tricks
  • For ages 5-12
  • Makes learning basic tricks easy
  • Lightweight frame for easy handling
  • Wide handlebar for greater control
  • Designed in conjunction with pro stunt rider
The Micro Ramp kids stunt scooter for ages 5-12 is a fantastic first stunt scooter. Swiss designed and engineered to make it easy for children to learn jumps, hops and tricks easily and quickly. The Micro Ramp stunt scooter is best for children who want to try occasional tricks or trips to the skate park. The Micro Ramp scooter does not fold it has a fixed height handlebar which maintains it strength and rigidity when used for hops, jumps or tricks. The scooter can also be used as an everyday scooter to get from A-B. The Micro Ramp is a solid and robust starter kids stunt scooter.
  • Weight of scooter: 3.7kg / 8lb 1oz
  • Footplate Dimensions: Footplate Width: 10.5cm Footplate Length: 33cm
  • Max rider weight: 100kg or 15stone 10lb

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