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Playmobil Pirates: Large Floating Pirate Ship with Cannon

Pirates ahoy! Get ready for the ultimate pirate adventure aboard the Playmobil 70411 Skull Pirate Ship. The ship floats on water and features working cannons to defend your ship mates from any unexpected intruder attacks as they try to beat you to the valuable treasure.

At your destination, use the working anchor winch to dock your ship as you look for the gold, which can then be stored in the secret compartment on board to keep it safe from thieves.

  • Contents: 3x Playmobil figures, 2x Mice, 2x Cannons, 4x Projectiles, 1x Bucket, 1x Ladle, 2x Mugs, 5x Jewels, 1x Gold, 1x Treasure Chest, 1x Gold cup, 1x Axe, 1x Shovel, 1x Sword, 1x Monkey, 1x Ladder, 1x Barrel, 1x Tray, 1x Sack, 1x Bottle, 1x Basket -
  • - 1x Skull Pirate Ship, 1x Anchor winch, 1x Compass, 1x Compass, 1x Map, 1x Telescope
  • Floats on water
  • Working anchor winch
  • 2 working cannons
  • Secret storage compartment on board

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