Orchard Toys


Orchard Toys Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!

Run as fast as you can, but be careful - everyone wants to take a bite out of you!

A fun and tactical board game
Encourages group play and turn taking
Suitable for ages 4+

Run, run as fast as you can in this fun board game, based on the popular nursery rhyme! The aim is to get your gingerbread man through the village and across the river to safety, escaping the horse, cow and chef who all want to take a bite out of you! A unique feature in this board game is the inclusion of two dice - one to determine where your character moves and another for other players to move the 'chaser' characters.

This simple board game encourages basic counting, growing into a tactical game as children develop in confidence and ability.


1 jigged playing board
4 gingerbread men character playing pieces
3 “chaser” character playing pieces (baker, cow and horse)
7 character stands
4 jigged gingerbread men
2 dice
1 spinner
1 instruction leaflet

Product information

Develops Number and Counting Skills

Encourages Observational Skills

Develops Personal and Social Skills

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