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As a child, you are curious by nature, and by now you have seen all there is to see at home. The wide world outdoors is beckoning, full of adventures for you to discover. Walking is slow, so you need wheels. Of course, there are wheels which suit you. You might well be a child, but you already know all too well, what is cool and what is not, so you’d like to have some choice. The BERG Biky range has the perfect balance bike for everyone, including you. Pick one and go… off into the wide world!

Safety is of course also paramount for you as an adventurer. Hence why all models come with a steering regulator with two positions: Safe mode for a safe start, and Skill mode to let rip. There are no sharp edges or protruding parts, and the footrests are integral to the design. This is safer for you and your Biky is less likely to get damaged.

The Biky series from BERG has now been extended to include this bike equipped with a handbrake. These Handbrake models offer fast toddlers extra safety. At the same time, they get used to using a handbrake in a playful way.

Age: 2-5 years 

Max user weight: 30kg

Product weight: 4.1kg

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