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Djeco Sculpture Workshop: The Swan (8-14yrs)

A box to learn about the art of sculpture by creating a swan like a true master! Guided by the cardboard template, the child forms the outlines of the animal with metal wire which he then positions on the pedestal provided for this purpose. To give body to this structure, he superimposes strips of aluminum foil which he then covers with a printed adhesive. Once the last stickers have been positioned, he models his animal to give it the desired attitude and varnishes it to protect it. Each object is unique, all you have to do is display it. What pride for the child to have made a sculpture from A to Z.

  • A real introduction to sculpture.
  • The wonder of the child who creates a volume from a simple aluminum wire.
  • The freedom offered in this realization makes each creation a unique object!
  • The child is proud to exhibit his work!
  • 1 explanatory booklet detailing the activity step by step.
  • 1 storage box with elastic closure to store your equipment once the activity is over.

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