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Jolly Learning Jolly Phonics Read & See Pk 2 ( 12 Titles)

The Read and See books are for children who have learned the letter sounds and are now ready to read unknown words. The Read and See books have words that are regular, and so can be worked out by sounding out and blending.

Each of the 24 books has pages with a single, regular word, and a picture of the word next to it, under a flap. Children try to read each word by blending the sounds. They can then lift the flap to see if they are correct! They are ideal first books to send home for reading to a parent.

Each book has 8 words. The words towards the end of each book tend to be longer.

There are two packs: a more basic
Pack 1, and a Pack 2 in which all the words have diagraphs.

The main skill in reading is blending - the putting together of letter sounds to make a word. Each Read and See book contains hints and advice on teaching children how to blend letter sounds.

Titles in Pack 2

ai Words ch Words
oa Words sh Words
ee Words ou Words
or Words oi Words
ng Words er Words
oo Words ar Words

The Read and See books work in a similar way to flash cards. Each word has to be read before moving to the next. However the Read and See books are a more enjoyable and manageable way for children on their own.

By Sara Wernham and Sue Lloyd

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