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Lottie Oufit Set Multipack: Branksea Sports Club

Lottie Dolls are sold separately.

Staying fit and active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle - sport is a super fun way to get your body moving. This is why Lottie Doll and her friends formed Branksea Sports Club – because exercise is always more fun with friends!

This multipack of Lottie Doll clothes features a sporty peach dress and matching trainers for tennis; a blue Branksea United football kit; and a long-sleeved leotard for gymnastics. After a fun-filled day of friendly competition, Lottie can relax and take a much needed break.

Comes packaged in 100% recyclable packaging and printed using sustainable soy ink. Three choices of outfit. 

Lottie Doll Branksea Sports Club product features:

  • Branksea United outfit - Blue and White jersey shorts and tights, Red Football and Black Football trainers
  • Tennis Club outfit - Peach dress (underwear included), white socks, peach sneakers, white headbands and wristbands, blue tennis racket and green ball
  • Raising the Bar - Lilac and green leotard, pink trousers with pad print on it, gold medal and number tag
    • 3+ 

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