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Vincent McDonnell: Michael Collins, Most Wanted Man

Michael Collins was once the most wanted man in the British Empire. Born in west Cork, he was a farmer’s son who changed the course of Irish history. This action-packed biography for young readers follows Michael as he fights in the 1916 Easter Rising, plans the guerrilla war that brought the British government to its knees, and helps to negotiate the treaty that led to the Irish Civil War. In the new Irish state, he became a minister in the first government and Commander-in-Chief of the army. In the end, he was betrayed by his former comrades in a fatal ambush.

Discover the gripping story of one of Ireland’s most important rebels.

Vincent McDonnell, from County Mayo, now lives near Newmarket, County Cork. He has won the GPA First Fiction Award, among numerous other prizes, and has published seven novels for children. He has been writer in residence in various locations.

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