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Djeco Mirabile Magus- Magic Set

Djeco's wonderful Mirabile Magus Magic Set contains all the props and instructions to learn 20 different tricks. Djeco's magic sets are very different from other sets in that instead of uninspiring plastic props and bits of rope, their kits contain 12 beautifully designed props of outstanding quality. Their instructions are detailed and very easy for kids to follow too. Mini magicians can also visit the Djeco magic website where a genuine magician demonstrates the tricks and teaches kids how to perform them with flourish in front of their audience!ᅠ The instructions guide you through all 20 tricks, which when mastered, are designed to flow from one to the next to give a ready made full magic show. This educational kids gift set has been developed with the help of professional magicians and is aimed at children 8 to 12 years old. Packaged in a sturdy and beautifully designed gift box that will store all the magic props away securely. Age guide: 8 years+

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