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Orchard My First Snakes & Ladders

My First Snakes & Ladders is the perfect introduction to board games for younger players.

To help younger players new to gameplay, each player selects a chunky character playing piece and matching character token, to remind them of their character while playing.

Based on the traditional gameplay players take it in turns to roll the dice and move around the board. Land on a ladder and you will fast-track closer to the finish, but land on a snake and you will slide down back towards the start!

The winner is the first player to get to the finish.

Featuring chunky and durable playing pieces, ideal for little hands, whilst the spaces are large and visible for children of all abilities.

Designed for ages 3-6, My First Snakes & Ladders offers the perfect balance between learning and fun and helps to develop counting and gameplay skills.

1 jigged playing board
4 character playing pieces
4 character discs
1 dice
1 instruction leaflet

Age: 3-6

Players: 2-4


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