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TP Toys Dig & Explore Sandpit Accessory Kit

Dig and discover a world under the sand with the Dig and Explore Accessory Kit. A fun treasure map that will lead you to hidden treasure.

Use your detailed treasure map to find the X and mark out your route to discover the prize. The map will take you on a journey around a tropical island and lead you to treasure. There are 4 pieces of treasure hidden amongst shipwrecks, use the dual-use scoop to dig them up and fill them with sand to form shapes. Use the sieve and storage bucket to take your hidden gems back to land.

  • Includes: dig and explore mat, 4 treasure accessories, dual-use scoop, sieve and storage bucket
  • Bowl capacity: 4kg of sand
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Self assembly
  • Suitable for 3+ years
  • Built dimensions: 28.5 x 25 x 11cm

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