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Nimble Fingers

kid'sleep pink

Wake-up time indicator for children (pink)

How the child benefits:
It's fun: the images are amusing. They are interchangeable.

Nights are longer: the child does not hesitate to go back to sleep again when it sees that its little friend is still asleep.

Comforting: the Kid'Sleep gives it confidence about the decision when it should get up. The child is no longer fearful its parents' first look: did I do the right thing by getting up or not?

Replaces the traditional nightlight (too small and not very appealing) in a playful way, from birth right through to school age.

In its function as alarm display: Does not wake the child in the alarm-display mode!
How the parents benefit:
Their own nights are longer.

Can be purchased from birth since it can be used :
as a traditional nightlight,
and from the age of 2½ as an alarm display.
Later, the KiD'Sleep can also be used as a traditional alarm (combined with the image). One single purchase for the entire child's life.

Very simple principle, which and easy to explain and so make the young child understand.

Educational: helps the child to take decisions and carry them out.

Can be used during the night and the afternoon na p.

The children sleep longer and are therefore in a better mood all day!

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